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What is IC Giving Day?

IC Giving Day is a 24-hour fundraising event on February 26, 2015, that moves IC forward because it supports the unique experiences of every IC student on the Ithaca campus and beyond!

The goal is to raise 607 gifts—a nod to our favorite area code—from our alumni, parents, students, and friends. If we do, a special group of alumni will gift an additional $226,000 to the college.

A matching gift of $26,000 will be awarded to the school with the highest level of participation based on its total number of alumni, parent, and student donors. Additional opportunities to support your favorite school are also available throughout the day.

How do you determine the winners of the matching funds?

  • At the end of the day an extra $26,000 will go to the school with the highest participation rate (the number of gifts divided by the number of alumni, parents, and students who selected that school when making their gifts).
  • Hourly prizes will be awarded to schools based on criteria such as most gifts, random IC spirit selfie, or most alumni from the classes of 2005 to 2014.

Why does IC care about my participation?

Gifts of every size move IC forward and support the hands-on IC experience of every student. Your participation, in combination with others’ participation, makes a big impact! See the Why Give page to read more about how your gift can improve the student experience.

Alumni giving in particular is a metric used by many external groups and publications, including U.S. News and World Report, in compiling college rankings. It is a marker of alumni satisfaction in their alma mater. The higher the rankings, the more valuable the degree—so everyone benefits when everyone participates.

Can I participate if I didn’t graduate from IC?

Yes! Students, parents, faculty/staff, and friends may support the college on IC Giving Day. When prompted in the giving form, you select the role you most closely affiliate with. All gifts help us reach the goal of 607 gifts to release the $226,000 in matching funds for the college.

Where do my gifts go?

Donors are encouraged to support annual funds across the college, but are also welcome to designate their gifts to any cause they feel most passionate about. If you don’t wish to prioritize any one cause, then we encourage you to give to the IC Annual Fund, which allocates gifts to the area of greatest need within the college community. 100 percent of your gift goes to your designated area.

Is my payment secure?

Absolutely. IC Giving Day is facilitated by Kimbia, a company whose online giving system is PCI Level 1-compliant. The information collected during the event is only used by Ithaca College, and it will not be sold or shared with any third-party organizations. Your credit card information will not be stored.

Can I send a gift by mail or phone?

Due to the tight time frame of IC Giving Day, only gifts made online or over the phone on February 26 will count towards our overall totals and competitions. If you would like to make a gift by phone, please call (877) 250-3269.

Is there a minimum donation?

To cover credit card processing and administrative fees, we are unable to accept payments below $5.

Is my IC Giving Day contribution tax deductible?

Yes, your gift is entirely tax deductible. You will receive an email confirmation that may serve as your receipt for tax purposes.

Can I create a recurring gift?

Yes; however, this feature is not available via the IC Giving Day site. Please visit, select a fund, and click the "recurring" option on the giving form. Please note that only the payment processed on Giving Day (February 26, 2015) will count towards our totals.

What if I have already made a gift to IC this year?

Thank you for being a part of the IC donor family! We appreciate your commitment and encourage you to make another gift during Giving Day to support your school in the competitions. We also need you to help promote Giving Day to others.

How can I help promote IC Giving Day?

Please do! We encourage you to share the images and messages that are located on the Spread the Word page. Send an email to classmates, post on your Facebook page, tweet, blog, yell, put signs on your lawn. It's all encouraged.