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Give Back to Move IC Forward

IC Giving Day was an incredibly thrilling 24 hours! On February 26, 2015, we smashed through goal after goal, all thanks to supporters like you who gave back to move IC forward and helped secure over $735,000 for the college.

Even though Giving Day is over, you can still click the “Make a Gift” button above to help enhance the IC student experience. Thank you again for supporting IC Giving Day!

How It Works

At the conclusion of Giving Day, the school with the highest participation rate (i.e. the number of gifts divided by the total number of alumni, parents, and students affiliated with that school) will be awarded an additional $26,000 to help move its own IC experience forward! Be sure to select the school with which you affiliate most when you make your gift.

  School Gifts % of Total*
* Based on the total number of alumni, parents, and students who affiliate with that school.

Hourly Challenges

Make your gift, share your favorite IC experience, or post your most awesome selfie and show your school some IC love! Additional matching funds will be awarded throughout the day. Between $1,000 and $10,000 will be awarded to the winning school for each one- or two-hour challenge.

Time (EST) Challenge Winner Prize Awarded